The search for Tenants
We are actively seeking new tenants, organize meetings and presentations premises. We make money only when the property is rented.

Preparation of Documents
Draw up a lease agreement, negotiate the best conditions, we will prepare an acceptance protocol together with an assessment of technical condition of the premises and reading meters.

Settlement Tenants
We summarize media consumption for a given period, as well as all payments made by the Lessee.

Contact with the Administration
We can correspond with the real estate administrator, informing tenants up to date on changes in rental rates, forecasts of media consumption, as well as changes in tariffs.

Cleaning service
After the end of the lease we provide comprehensive cleaning of the premises. There is a possibility of cyclic cleaning the property, eg. Once a month, once a week - paid service.

Visit to the Apartment
At least once a year, we make a visit to the premises by assessing its technical condition and drawing up a relevant report summary.

Monitoring of Payments
Stay on top of timely payment of tenants - in case of delay send request for payment, we charge interest, in extreme cases, directed the matter to the debt collector.